The 2 most Beautiful Cities in the World: Amsterdam & Barcelona

Amsterdam & Barcelona: a video

The two brothers Sander and Bas Mutsaarts created a ​​drone video with a compilation of their two favorite cities: Amsterdam and Barcelona.

The brothers work at a video production company and the idea for the film arose spontaneously as it was to sunny to sit inside the office.

They decided to combine the video with footage from Barcelona, the city where Sander lived for two years the images. “I’m known to friends as a Barcelona connoisseur as I know all the good places.

The brothers had previously not anticipated that the film would go viral. “We’ll make more movies, but this time it was very fast on Facebook. For some reason, everyone here is excited about it. “Watch the video, that just gives you the feeling of flying over the two cities.


City Guide about Amsterdam & Barcelona

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