Albert Cuyp Market in Amsterdam

Albert Cuyp Markt

Fresh food Market in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is crowded; with many people, shops, supermarkets and little boutiques. For me, going to the fresh food market called ”De Albert Cuyp”, makes me feel that I live in this tiny village, far far away. There are many people at the market indeed. And it is crowded, so crowded. Walking their with your bike on the hand is not even possible.

But all the people working there in their own little stall, with their fresh products in front of them, greeting me and asking how my day is: really a village in a big town. I love going to De Albert Cuyp once a week (and in the weekends because there is this great coffee place around the corner), to buy all my fruits, vegetables and meats. It is really fresh and also really cheap. For 2 big bags of food enough for 1 week with 2  dinner parties includes, I pay around 20 euro. Wow, try to spend that money in the supermarket!
Oh and a surprising fact, behind all the stalls are little shops, where they sell cheap bags and clothes, but are also a few amazing restaurants. Names and reviews will follow soon at City is Yours!

You will find De Albert Cuyp at De Albert Cuypstraat, in the neighborhood called De Pijp.

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Merel Mijmert

Hi there, I am Merel, living in and loving Amsterdam! My travel journey in life: Born in the South of Amsterdam, moved to Curacao, moved back to Driebergen (a very little town near Utrecht) quickly went back to the West of Amsterdam, studied in Italy and New York and now living in the East of Amsterdam.

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