Bar and Restaurant Porter: hotspot in Amsterdam Old South


Bar & Restaurant Porter: hotspot in Amsterdam Old South

In Amsterdam, there are many neighborhoods developing into hip places to be. Amsterdam Old South is one of them. In the past, there were mainly a lot of beautiful houses, supermarkets and schools for the many kids living there. Nowadays, the beautiful houses are still there, but new bar’s and restaurants are popping up.

The place

Bar Porter is one of them. They just opened a few months ago, at the popular spot where once ”Tapas feliz” was suited. Unfortunately, the tapas place had to close and Porter took it’s place. And they did a great job! The terrace is big, very sunny, and an amazing place to spot the local crowd passing by.

Porter Amsterdam

The food

Let’s talk about the food, because after all, that is what we came for! And for the cocktails. Well, I started off with the seafood-platter. And this is what you would call a seafood-platter! So fresh, so many different fishes and the price is not bad. The cocktails are on the menu, but way better is to tell the waiter just what you feel like. And he will make sure you will have the cocktail of your dreams.

As a mean, I took the ravioli with peas and onions. And a lot of cheese. It was perfect, fresh and not too heavy. My boyfriend ate the Wagyu Burger, because if you eat meet: eat the best you can get! It looked great, as well as the homemade fries.

If I could, I would go for a dessert. The red velvet chocolate cake. Because the girl next to me had it and it looked truly amazing. But the seafood took all place there was in my stomach. So next week, I have to go back, just for the cake. What a shame 😉

How to get there

I would recommend to make a reservation, especially if you want to sit outside in the weekends.


Bar & restaurant Porter: Valeriusstraat 85



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