Best areas in Copenhagen


Best areas in Copenhagen – a little history

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and cultural and economic heart of the country. The city has numerous waterfronts as it is situated partly on mainland and some islands. Copenhagen has been developed around the Middelalderbyen (Medieval City) with the Christianborg Palace and Christianshavn. Frederiksstaden was developed during the reign of Frederick V with the Amilienborg Palace and Frederik’s Church. Around this inner city lies a band of residential boroughs built outside the old ramparts of the city.

Read more about the different areas and its characteristics:

  1. Indre By: Indre By is the central area of Copenhagen
  2. Christianshavn: A much-desired area with a unique atmosphere
  3. Valby: Old and new meet each other in this promising district
  4. Vesterbro: the area where most Copenhageners come to eat



The city has three beaches with a total length of 8 km, including Amager Strandpark, connected by a system of harbor baths (swimming pools), like Islands Brygge, along the waterfront. The city has also the two oldest amusements parks in the world: Dyrehaysbakken, a fair-ground and pleasure park established in 1583 and Tivoli Gardens, opened in 1843 with the oldest roller coaster and ferris wheel still in use.


At night

Copenhagen has one of the highest number of restaurants and bars per capita in the world. The nightclubs stay open until five or six in the morning, some even longer. Especially the inner city, Istedgade and Enghave Plads and places in Frederiksberg are very vibrant and full of life.


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