A Brown Café in Amsterdam East – Café Kuijper

Cafe Kuijper

The Brown Café in Amsterdam East


The east

The east of Amsterdam is a neighborhood what we call ”upcoming”. Upcoming, in my point of view, means that it is becoming not so damn expensive, also not very crowded and new bars and restaurants are popping up.

Meet Café Kuijper

One year ago, on a rainy sunday morning, I was looking for a quiet cafe to drink my coffee and read the newspaper. Because the rest of the eastern-inhabitants also had this great idea, every place I could think of was full. By accident I walked by café Kuijper, because it looked nice from the outside, a brown café with a big terrace, and stained glass windows.

Once inside, I was pleasantly surprised. Brown tables, all different kinds of chairs, flowers everywhere, the map of Amsterdam on one side, and a giant buffalo on the other side. Since that day, I have breakfast here every Saturday. I love it, and really makes me feel the weekend has begun.

The food
Kuijper offers a variety of breakfast and lunch opportunities, and has a few simple diner choices.
In the beginning of my Kuijper-time, I would always order a soy-latte and a cheese omelette on spelt-bread. Whit the summer almost here, and also because of the variety, I recently switched to yoghurt-granola-freshfruits-nuts, or spelt with cottage cheese and avocado. And when I feel like it, it will be scrambled eggs with salmon. Too good to be true.

Café Kuijper is named after the former architect who lived in this house. Before that, a butchery was situated here. 

The bar



Cafe Kuijper
Linausstraat 79
1093 EK, Amsterdam


Monday through thursday from 09:00 till 01:00

Friday and Saturday from 09:00 till 03:0

Sunday from 10:00 till 01:00

Merel Mijmert

Hi there, I am Merel, living in and loving Amsterdam! My travel journey in life: Born in the South of Amsterdam, moved to Curacao, moved back to Driebergen (a very little town near Utrecht) quickly went back to the West of Amsterdam, studied in Italy and New York and now living in the East of Amsterdam.

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