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Read more information about City is Yours, our travel community and the reasons to join us on discovering amazing places around the world.

Without local experts’ favorite places, stories and experiences there is no City is Yours and therefor we invite you to join our travel community.

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What is City is Yours?

City is Yours is the place to discover hotspots, local hidden places and all time favorites and a platform to share stories, experiences and ideas. City is Yours provides all you need to discover the best things in the world on their website, app and blog.


What to use it for?

Anyone can explore featured spots on City is Yours, although it’s a lot more fun to register and have a profile. When registered you can collect your favorite spots by creating buckets, follow the buckets of others and share them. A bucket consists of spots shown in a list and on a map. So wherever you are in the world, you have got them with you. Of course you can link these spots to your personal blog as well!


example profile on city is yours

my buckets example



In which devices can I use City is Yours?

Of course you can use City is Yours on your computer or laptop. Additionally we build an app for the iPhone which is available offline as well and makes using City is Yours super easy! Android users: We are working on an app for you as well!


app for iphone city is yours


How to get an account?

That’s easy! Just go to the website and click the log in button in the menu on the right. Here you can sign up as a new member!


LOG in city is yours


How to save and share places on the City is Yours website?

Once registered on the website you create a profile. From here you can explore spots and add your own.

There are two ways to add a spot:
1. By uploading the information yourself


example Add a spot city is yours

2. By using the bookmarklet on your own or any other website. This simple bookmarklet changes the way you search and collect information for places – whether local or distant. Just fill in as much information as you can (or need) and add to your bucket.


example use book marklet

Because we integrated Foursquare the information about your spot will automatically appear.


How to follow other users and copy and share their buckets?

You don’t have to collect all the spots yourself. Again, it’s all about sharing! Follow other inspirational people and copy and/or their buckets.


example follow bucket


Can I share places from the web or mobile?

Sharing your spots and buckets it’s easy. Just scroll down and you’ll find the buttons to share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google and E-mail.


example share a spot


Can I use City is Yours offline?

Yes! You don’t need to be online to use the iPhone app. Since you can’t be connected to the internet all the time, especially abroad, all the spots are available offline as well!


What else do I use City is Yours for?

Apart from searching spots and creating buckets you use City is Yours to read stories and personal experiences of other people who love to explore the world. Because the world is too big to discover on your own.


Can I join the community of City is Yours?

Yes! Without personal favorites, stories and experiences there is no City is Yours. Therefor we invite you to join our community and share your stories and experiences!