Our focus


We focus on local shops, concept stores, vintage stores and boutiques that are runned by passionate people who select and sell great products.




As an entrepreneur running a small or several stores in a big city with a small team, it’s difficult to follow the latest trends and know the different (online) marketing tools needed to generate exposure, drive traffic to your store and increase revenues for your business. You are ruining the store, we are helping you to keep you going.




Together with Online Rebels, an online market agency based in Amsterdam, we have created different products and tools to help local businesses; from a branded page to a combination of different tools to build specific campaigns.


Bucket: Vintage Stores in Amsterdam


We created a featured bucket about ‘Vintage stores in Amsterdam’ and by following specific steps to share the bucket across different channels, we generated more then 200 downloads in a day and around 1.000 people visited our website.


Featured Bucket Vintage Stores


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Please feel free to contact us because we have different ways to help amazing hotels to get more exposure and bookings.


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