My new favorite coffee bar in Amsterdam ‘Oud Zuid’


Coffee and work in Amsterdam Oud Zuid (Old South)

Let’s say you live in the south of Amsterdam and don’t have wifi at home. Well, not having wifi is a rare phenomenon, but currently, I don’t. I just moved to this amazing, light place but feel a bit handicapped. My wifi will work in one week, and until then I am bounded to coffee-place around. And the best thing to do in a new neighborhood is discovering new coffee places! This morning, I found my new favorite coffee bar CityHouse in Amsterdam Oud Zuid.


CityHouse is a non-profit organization. This means that the owners work strictly as volunteers, and do not take a salary from the cafe. Because the owners are not paid by CityHouse, every cent received is either reinvested in the organization itself, or donated to a charitable cause. 

The music and the view

Not every cafe is suitable as a quiet place to work. Well, CityHouse in Amsterdam Oud Zuid is. The music is relaxed and on the background, the people working here are not constantly asking if I want another coffee and just let me do my thing. Very nice, because I can concentrate and get so much work done. And the coffee, I will order because it is so good. As well as the homemade muffins, the veggie wrap, salads and omelet’s.

Today I sad right at the window, facing the street, the cars, trams and bikers. Although it is a very busy street, I wasn’t bothered by the noise. I guess the windows have double-glass which made the street-business just an interesting view. I guess not having wifi at home is not so bad at all!

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Merel Mijmert

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