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Pickles Utrecht

Firma Pickles Utrecht

The last couple of years a lot of different new restaurants are located in the Drieharingenstraat in Utrecht. Where this street was first only famous for a quick and cheap dinner it turns into a nice and cosy restaurant street where people dining the whole night. Restaurants like Vis & Meer, Markt and Raak are a great access for the city. Last week I ate twice in an awesome burger place in this street, named Firma Pickles or for locals just Pickles.

Pickles is not an ordinary burger-place but a wine & burger restaurant.

When you enter this place you feel directly the good atmosphere. While waiting for a table you can sit at the bar and starring to all the great drawings on the wall and enjoy your drink! For the Utrecht standards the waiters are impressively good, what is refreshing. They come directly to help you with your wine choice and I can tell you; this choice is hard to make. Asking for a white wine, you will receive the answer “we have more then 15 white wines, so what kind of wine do you normally drink”. After making a decision you can taste of course the wine, this is how it should be in every restaurant!

What is on the menu?

The menu of Pickles is in one word: heaven! As a starter you can order (healthy) plates with different kinds of cheese, charcuterie or mixed veggies. You can also choose different typical Dutch fried snacks like bitterballen or famous dried pig sausage from Amsterdam. You can share this with your friends while chatting at the bar.

When starring at the menu for my burger choice, I was constantly in doubt which choice I should make. All the burgers are one by one surprisingly and delicious. The burgers are made out of organic meat from the Groenweg the Bilt in Utrecht. They cut daily their fries from “Vaartsche Rijn Bonkies” and the fries are sprinkled with three different types or rosemary. The burger is served on traditional Dutch Bread of Carl Siegert and last but not least they love to make their own Pickles. For the veggies of us (like me) this place is wahalla, the first burger place with more than one veggie choice, I like!

One tip: if you want a good spot, go for an early dinner. Pickles is everyday packed with people and you can’t make a reservation. Enjoy your burger-time!

Name: Firma Pickles
Address: Drieharingstraat 1 Utrecht
Opening hours: 16:00 – 01:00
Burger price: around €13,-

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