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City is Yours

Have you ever struggled to manage all the information for an upcoming trip?

You find different spots on the Internet that you bookmark with the idea to check out later and you never do, don’t you? We have the solution for you!

Exploring the world around you has never been easier – City is Yours is your new partner with this “hard” job. To help you remember and never lose a place you want to visit, we created the City is Yours Bookmarklet. Just drag this City is Yours to the bookmarks bar in your browser and start exploring.

Add city is yours Bookmarklet

Why? You search for information (and hopefully – find it) all around the web. We created the City is Yours Boormarklet for faster and easier spot bucketing. You can use it on any website and add different information. No need to copy-paste between two tabs in your browser – easy as 1-2-3!

Use the bookmarklet

How? Found a great new restaurant or the perfect place for a first date? Just click on the City is Yours Bookmarklet and add it to your bucket.

Use Boorkmarklet

What? Just add the spot information as you like – you are the one who knows the best way to remember a spot. Select one of your buckets, a category, personal note and a relevant image. As soon as you click Save, you will be redirected to the bucket itself and will have the opportunity to see how this spot fits with all your plans so far.


Planning you next trip doesn’t seem like such a hard work now, right? With the City is Yours bookmarklet you save not only spots, but time.

Last, but not least – share your bucket with your travel companions and they will be able to see beforehand all the spots you selected. You can now easily discuss what are your top restaurants and sights to see.


Enjoy your trip and share your great buckets with us!


Diana is an avid traveler with two main interest - food and culture. She loves strong coffee and nice wine, food markets and getting lost in the back streets of a city searching for that perfect chocolate cake.

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  • Reply December 9, 2013

    Diana Koshedzhiyska

    Do you use the bookmarklet for easy spot collection? I find it convenient when planning and researching a lot of spots

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