City is Yours launches free travel app for iPhone

City is Yours iPhone app

City is Yours launches free travel app for iPhone – your personal bucket lists amazing places.


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Deciding to go to a new city is one thing, but bundling all information about the places you’d like to go to, is another. How do you easily collect all the information you find on the web combined with tips from friends via Facebook, Email or Whatsapp? You still jot them down on paper?

Next of collecting places for your travels, we also make it easy for locals as in the most exciting cities around the world, new restaurants, bars etc open up daily. We make it easy for you to keep track of them all.

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We are a bootstrapped startup from Amsterdam and today we’re launching our first version of a brand new iPhone app. We are different because it’s focus on design and an ‘Airbnb alike experience’ that makes it easier to create your personal bucket-lists, share top travel tips with those planning on visiting your favorite ‘gems’, in your local neighborhood or anywhere around the world.

City is Yours is different as it focuses on both locals and travelers. Besides, it’s designed to make it easy and playful to create your digital list with your favorite restaurants, bars and more.

Our personal collections are only created by our so called ‘Local lifestyle experts’ – young and talented people who are really an expert in their field.

How it works
On and in the new iPhone app you can search for your favorite city and collect the places you like. On the website, there is also a bookmarklet to save restaurants, bars and more from any website you search on.

On the website you start with creating your ‘bucket’ and fill it with your favorites, either from our ‘explore page’ or manually via the website or bookmarklet.

Our integration with Foursquare and Google maps ensure that adding new places is easy.

Use Boorkmarklet

What’s next?
Over the last months we’ve optimized and developed new features on the website. Today launched the first version of the iPhone app. New features that will be rolled out, are the ability to add places on the go and a news-feed with articles from local experts.

Marketing wise we will focus on Amsterdam and aim to build an active local community. We will partner with other local initiatives and build strategic synergies. Some nice ones are already in the pipeline.

Download our new  travel app for iPhone for free, right here:

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Roel has a strong basis to be the driving force behind City is Yours. An ‘educated food lover’ with studies in Dutch foodie capital Maastricht, work experience in Michelin Star restaurants in Antwerp and Brugge and a passion for new creative food concepts.

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