Healthy Breakfast in New York: Cafe Prince

Cafe Prince New York

Healthy Breakfast in New York

Oh New York. It really is the city that never sleeps. On my way to this beautiful city, I spoke to a man on the plane. He was going there for a short holiday: three days. Three days! That isn’t even enough to do some proper shopping, and in three days, how will you be able to taste all the goodness the restaurants have to offer?! I went there for a week and just came back. A week was too short, but maybe also a year, 10 years or a life time. New York just has it all, and the city has so many new, unexpected things to offer every day!



Finding your breakfast place

While in New York, I stayed in SoHo. I am really a morning person, and I love those little place to have breakfast at. It found two when I lived in Florence, in Rome, New York and I have my favorite in Amsterdam. So, I figured, let’s just go back to my favourite from when I live here, 3.5 years ago!

To my surprise, the cafe was exactly the same. Which was good, because in the morning you just want to sit, have a coffee and order something really nice. Well, that is what happened!

My Prince

I still miss Prince today! The pancakes are amazing, the french toast as well, and if you want to go on the healthy-tour: you can. Egg-white omelet’s, granola with fresh fruit and even salads.

You can find Prince at 26 Prince Street, in the middle of SoHo. To explore our full list with hotspots in New York, click here.

Merel Mijmert

Hi there, I am Merel, living in and loving Amsterdam! My travel journey in life: Born in the South of Amsterdam, moved to Curacao, moved back to Driebergen (a very little town near Utrecht) quickly went back to the West of Amsterdam, studied in Italy and New York and now living in the East of Amsterdam.

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