How to spend 1.000 Euros in Amsterdam

Iamsterdam created a movie about how you can spend 1.000 Euros the best in Amsterdam. For me, for sure it starts with finding an accommodation via Airbnb, a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations around the world. Myself, I’m also renting out my apartment or just a private room in Amsterdam. So far, I had great experiences by being a host and I’m already using Airbnb as a traveler for more then 4 years.

Besides, accommodation, I always have a backpack with a bottle of water with some snacks (fruits, chips, cookies, …) so I don’t need to buy each time I’m hungry or thirsty. The good part of booking an accommodation with a local is that you can make your own breakfast and either join them for a dinner or cook one time yourself to save costs.

Roel has a strong basis to be the driving force behind City is Yours. An ‘educated food lover’ with studies in Dutch foodie capital Maastricht, work experience in Michelin Star restaurants in Antwerp and Brugge and a passion for new creative food concepts.

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