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Sabrina Iovino

Interview with Sabrina Iovino

Sabrina is founder of travel blog, which has been featured on Skyscanner, FlightNetwork, Hostelworld, Lonely Planet, TripAdvisor, The Solo Travelist, and many other travel related pages…

Can you tell us about yourself?

I grew up in South Germany and moved to Berlin in my early twenties. In 2008 I quit my job and traveled the world for about 14 months. Since then nothing was like before. Until 2010 my life was divided in three parts: Working, saving money, travel. In 2011 I don’t wanted to work at all anymore and left my corporate job. I lived 2 years in Istanbul where I started building my travel blog Nowadays I live off my blog and spend most of my times in South East Asia.


Three favorite travel destinations and why?

The Philippines for its incredibly amazing beaches and the hospitable and friendly people. Japan for its unique and fascinating culture. Tokyo is a completely different world that anyone needs to see once in a lifetime. Thailand for the food and the cheap cost of living.


What was a remarkable travel experience that you will never forget?

I recently visited the Slums in Manila and talked with the people who were living there and making a living by picking up garbage. The whole experience was eye opening.


Why have you started your blog?

I wanted to have an outlet for my photography, but I also wanted to inspire people to travel. Plus I fell in love with the Philippines and thought it’s time to promote this beautiful country. My first post was called 10 Reasons why you should travel to the Philippines and went online in December 2012. Until today, the post was shared over 17,000 times on Social Media.


How do you try to be different?

Every human is unique and different. I just try to give valuable information and taking myself not too serious.


On which specific topic do you focus and where do you get your inspiration?

I love to inspire people to travel and change their lifestyle. Traveling is the best education. I get my inspiration from other bloggers and authors. And Pinterest. Pinterest is such a fantastic pool of inspiration for anything.


Which other travel and lifestyle blogs do you follow?

I follow too many, but to name someone remarkable: The Bloggess is one of my favorite bloggers because she makes me laugh. She’s hilarious! Wish I could write like her.


What do you like to do besides blogging?

Uhm, I don’t do much other things aside from blogging. I try to read more books. The funny thing is that I’m never bored. There is always something to do. After this interview I’ll probably go for a swim.


What is on top of your bucket list?

I want to travel to French Polynesia or Papua New Guinea. Or both.


What is your future plan with your blog?

Honestly I don’t plan too much. Let’s see where blogging takes me…


What would you advice other people who want to start blogging and travel the world?

Just go for it and write stuff that you’re proud of.

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