Interview with Bastiaan – Founder of Coat of Many Colors in Amsterdam


Bastiaan Thijssen – Coat of Many Colors in Amsterdam


Can you tell us about yourself?

After High school I moved to Arnhem and started my study at the school of art, during this study I moved to Amsterdam and switched to the Rietveld Academy, where I graduated in Fashion design. After my graduation, I started as a fashion stylist and worked for several fashion magazines. When I got bored I decided to start a study at the Arnhem school of art, Fashion, design and strategy, where I graduated and got my master degree.

Once graduated I got offered a job at a Dutch company as a concept designer and for this company I developed a new brand called Cross Colours ( Here I got the chance to travel around the world and even moved to Hong Kong for one year as well. during this year I started to think about setting up my own company and slowly it grew into Coat of Many Colors. Coat of Many Colors started officially in January 2013. Next to that I am a lecturer at the Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam on the Lifestyle and Design department.


Why have you started this?

I started Coat of Many Colors, because during my work with Cross Colours and all my traveling around the world visiting the coolest places and finding the coolest shops with fantastic merchandise, I realized in Amsterdam we have no such things, therefor I thought of a way setting up a cool little place like Coat of Many Colors, and still keep developing this idea. Coat of Many Colors has a very personal approach, this concept is part of my lifestyle and this makes the shop very special.

Coat Of Many Colors gives me the opportunity to stay creative and approach a unique and niche group of customers, off line but also on line with my website.



Where do you get your inspiration?

As mentioned already my personal approach always is an inspiration, next to my frequent traveling around the world. I aim for a very original and personal way in selecting and selling merchandise, ideas, and concepts. In my opinion this is what makes my company strong and successful.


Who inspires you and why?

Myself, as an evolving person also my ideas and so my company evolves with me, it also gives me the chance to stay updated and flexible. Josephine Baker in my opinion was the one and only trendsetter.


What does a typical day look like for you?

When not teaching in Rotterdam, my day mainly consists in checking my mail orders, preparing my physical shop to open and make sure all is prepared for customers, i like to create a very intimate atmosphere and even I am baking cookies for customers dogs and make quilts for sales! In between I make sure all digital media is up to date including facebook and instagram. My Shop is open on Tuesdays and Fridays.


Can you name some of your favorite places in Amsterdam?

  • To eat – Japanese food at Morita Ya ( zeedijk ) But further the Nieuwmarkt area offers nice places to eat and drink
  • To drink – Koko and Megalodon, a chique high tea i always enjoy at the Amrath hotel
  • To relax – My very own rooftop terrace!


What is the hotspot in Amsterdam that is still on your bucket list and why?

Koko, great place for a great coffee, and always nice merchandise from young fashion designers with lovely owners.


What’s next?

I like to grow with Coat of Many Colors, who knows…


What did we forgot to ask?

the url to my website :)



Coat of Many Colors

Nieuwe Jonkerstraat 23

1011 CM Amsterdam

The Netherlands

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