Juliano in Rurrenabaque – Dinnertime in the middle of the jungle

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Juliano’s in Rurrenabaque

Rurrenabaque is one of the most incredible jungle spots in Bolivia. But I have to warn you: it’s not easy to get here. Flights are cancelled daily because of weather conditions. Taking a bus is not the best option either. The bus takes 24 hours and it’s a real horror trip due to the unpaved roads and the ravine, which is always to close.

I wasn’t that lucky myself. My flight was cancelled five times and I missed my jungle tour. But when I finally got there it was all worth it. I had some free time to explore the little village of Rurrenabaque, which consist of no more than 10 streets, a couple of touristic shops and small restaurants. I read Lonely Planet’s short list of must visits, but on a mysteriously way I wasn’t able to find one of them…

While mingling with locals, they kept mentioning a restaurant called Juliano’s.

After talking with the hostel owner I figured out where the restaurant was and I decided to go there for dinner. Walking through the streets of Rurrenabaque I passed several empty restaurants. Where were all the backpackers I saw in the morning? Out of the blue I heard music and a lot of voices. Juliano’s was totally packed with backpackers and locals!

A French guy and his girlfriend from Israël are the founders of Juliano’s. Some years ago they fell in love during a jungle tour. They travelled together for a couple of months but their ways separated. After flying back and forth they decided to immigrate to the place where they met each other: Rurrenabaque. The best decision ever if you ask me!


Julianio’s in Rurrenabaque is different then all the other restaurants in Bolivia. No fluorescents lights (typical in Bolivian restaurants), but candlelight’s on the tables, a good and friendly service and even live music. The kitchen is French/Italian; a very welcome alternative compared to all the fast food minded restaurants in Bolivia. The menu exists out of 4 starters, 4 main dishes and delicious desserts. I highly recommend the fresh fish, which comes directly out of the jungle rivers.

If you struggle with some travellers belly problems the best option is to choose the Melanzane (believe me: this is delicious after eating day after day white dry bread). Make sure you have some space left for the delicious Oreo cheesecake! I tried to make this cake at home but it never tastes as good as in Juliano’s. Why Juliano’s is for me the best restaurant in Bolivia? I think it’s the combination of the jungle atmosphere, the cosy lightning, the delicious food, tropical fruit juices and most of all the friendly owners and waiters!


Name: Juliano’s
Address: Av. Santa Cruz, Rurrenabaque
Price for dinner: €6- €8



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