A literal Time Bomb on stage in Buenos Aires

La Bomba del Tiempo

La Bomba del Tiempo

Buenos Aires; one of my favourite cities in the world. A city that has everything you will like: delicious food, beautiful shops, amazing architecture and on every street corner you will find people dancing tango. Every Monday night hipsters gather to dance at the amazing entertainment show of La Bomba del Tiempo at the Konex Cutural Center.

La Bomba del Tiempo (translated to English: The Time Bomb) is a popular drum group of 17 musicians, which create an amazing show with their free style performance. In the last couple of years they developed a creative system with over a 100 body signals in order to direct the band members while they play.

Walking in the Abasto neighbourhood you will see hundreds of people heading to the Konex Cultural Center.

If you are a food-lover and looking to grab a bite before the show, I advise you to pick a nice restaurant in another neighbourhood. In Abasto there are mainly chicken fast food chains (do you know the tv series Breaking Bad? Think: Pollos Hermanos…!).

Around 8 pm enter the amazing Konex Cultural Center. This cool venue is housed in an old cooling oil factory. Inside, there is room for more than 1500 fans: from backpackers to reggae-lovers and people of all ages. The support act, played by a guest musician, starts with some hypnotic tribal beats, and after that the energy is slowly builds up. The hard-core fans are wearing colourful outfits and using attributes, like samba balls and lights. Around the bar it’s crowded, but ordering drinks goes quick thanks to an efficient system. You have actually two choices: one litre of beer or one litre of wine

When La Bomba Del Tiempo starts playing, it is in one word a-maz-ing! I have never seen such a performance before. Not only the music they produce is terrific, the fun they seem to have while on stage is absolutely catching. Nobody and I mean nobody will be able to resist the beat during this show. At the end of the performance the rhythms of the drums get faster, people battle each other with their free-style dance performance and some might even start crowd surfing. In short: this is a ‘must experience’ in the middle of Buenos Aires!

Name: La Bomba del Tiempo
Adress: Sarmiento 3131, Abasto
Time:Monday nights, door opens at 7 pm
Price: AR$50 (this is around €5,-)

La Bomba del Tiempo

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