A great local initiative in Los Angeles: Homeboy Industires


Homeboy Industries

Homeboy Industries traces its roots to “Jobs For A Future” (JFF), a program created in 1988 by Gregory Boyle. It begun as a jobs program offering alternatives to gang violence in one of the toughest neighborhoods in Los Angeles, the program soon 
grew beyond the parish.

Thousands of young people have since walked through the doors of Homeboy Industries looking for a second chance, and finding community. Gang affiliations are 
left outside as these young people work together, side by side, learning the mutual respect that comes from shared tasks and challenges.

Homeboy serves as a beacon of hope and opportunity 
for those seeking to leave gang life, for whom the barriers and challenges are great, and for whom there is virtually no other avenue to enter the mainstream. It is recognized as the largest gang intervention and re-entry program in the USA, and has become a national model.

Stand With Us — Homeboy Industries from Benjamin Weiss on Vimeo.

For 25 years, Homeboy Industries has been serving high-risk, previously incarcerated, and formerly gang-involved individuals looking to change their lives. Located in Downtown Los Angeles, Homeboy’s social enterprise businesses include Homeboy Bakery and Homegirl Café & Catering.

Homeboy Bakery

Homeboy Bakery produces a variety of artisan and commercial breads and rolls. All of their products are free of preservatives. Most breads start with a preferment made daily with flavorful additions of fresh ingredients.

Good Bread | Eddie Schmidt from Focus Forward Films on Vimeo.


Homegirl Cafe

Homeboy Industries will feature artisan sandwiches and salads from Homegirl Cafe, baked goods and decadent pastries from Homeboy Bakery, and a variety of Homeboy/Homegirl merchandise including tote bags, mugs and clothing.

Do you know more great local initiatives in your city…?

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