A lovely homestay in Ubud with amazing pool

Homestay Ubad - 01

Homestay Ubad

Homestay Ubad Retreat is an affordable and ‘green’ accommodation, located in the heartland of Bali. Ubad literally means ‘medicine’, where the famous worldwide known village of Ubud derived from. Offering outdoor pool and a restaurant and Free WiFi access is available.

This accommodation is aimed to bring Ubud’s past life and also to ‘heal’ every of its guests spiritually. Completed with an organic garden, organic amenities such as bamboo glass and spoon, coconut stick plate, and all other organic materials, so you do not have to worry about the environment.


You can book the accommodation via airbnb.com.


Homestay Ubad is about a 6-minute drive to Ubud Monkey Forest and the center of Ubud. Close to Ubud center and all other Ubud’s famous attraction, this retreat offers the best holiday experiences in the center of Bali’s cultural capital.

Free return shuttle to Ubud Center is available.

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