Meet My Neighborhood: Amsterdam West by Things I like Things I love

Things I like Things I love

Five years ago Amsterdam West wasn’t a neighborhood most people would go for shopping, eating out or drinking coffee. How much has changed since! Bars, restaurants, fashion stores, coffee places, markets and yoga schools… West is no longer dominated by falafel places and internet cafés. They are still there and that’s what makes this neighborhood so interesting, it’s a mix of different concepts, people and stories.

About two years ago Things I like Things I love opened their concept store at the Jan Evertsenstraat in Amsterdam West. Things I like Things I love sells vintage and new clothes, accessories, art and interior.

It’s the perfect place for a new outfit or an original gift and because the collection changes constantly there’s always a reason to step by and drop in. At the time they openend they didn’t know what to expect; what the neighborhood was like and if their concept would fit in. It didn’t take too long to realize: They just love West and West loves them.


The next weeks the founders of Things I like Things I love Petra Verwaal and Sanne Overmaat will recommend their favorites in Amsterdam West on the City is Yours blog. Think of places for good coffee, fresh products, a glass of wine and not-to-miss restaurants and stores.

West is like a village, all shop owners know each other and are willing to help out if necessary. West is our baby.’


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To stay updated with their new collections and events, keep an eye on their Facebook Page!


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