Momofuku Toronto – three floors, three restaurants, one big success

Momofuku Toronto entrance

New York, Sydney and now Toronto

After conquering New York and Sydney, it was time for Momofuko to steal the hearts (stomachs?) of the Torontonians. On three different floors you will find three different concepts, varying from casual (Noodle Bar) to perfect-for-parties (Daishō) and of course, the ultimate experience for foodies: a 10-course tasting menu (Shōtō). Whatever floor you’ll pick, you won’t regret it.

Lucky peach

Momofuku, meaning “lucky peach” in Japanese, is owned by chef and founder Davind Chang. The Momofuku restaurants won several awards, so it’s no big surprise that Toronto was happy to host the youngest “peach”. And it’s hosted quite nice: in the middle of downtown Toronto Momofuku occupies a three-story glass building…pretty impressive!


Noodle bar

First floor: Noodle Bar. The perfect setting for a quick lunch during workdays. Absolutely delicious food!! My favorite noodles are the ‘ginger scallion noodles’, with shiitake, cucumber and cabbage. Another personal favorite: the shiitake buns (with hoisin – mmmm – scallion and cucumber). What I like most about the Noodle Bar is the casual atmosphere, maybe because of the big tables, where everybody sits together (which makes it feel like home).



On the second floor you’ll find Nikai, a bar and lounge where you can drink cocktails and sake. On the third floor is restaurant Daishō established, with its large formal meals suitable for large groups. Served family style, so ideal if you want to celebrate your birthday or some other occasion with a group of friends. Famous for the large meals, but Daishō also offers a wide selection of a la carte dishes.



Last, but definitely not least! On the other side of the third floor you’ll find this hidden gem: Shōtō. The only thing you have to do is to inform your server about your (food) allergies and things you really really don’t like. You did? Sit back and relax… And enjoy the ride of this bizarre, tasteful and unique 10-course tasting menu. My advice: you should only go to Shōtō with two people. Since you’re sitting on a bar, watching the cooks preparing your meal, you’ll be sitting next to each other so that doesn’t work for bigger groups. It reminds me a little bit of Teppanyaki, expect there is no Japanese food and no iron griddle. Hmm… Find out yourself!


Got curious?

For more info or reservations

190 University Ave, Toronto, Canada

+1 647-253-8000


Momofuku Toronto Noodle bar


Momofuku Toronto Daisho


Momofuku Toronto Shoto

Lara van Gemert

After two years of living in Toronto, just recently moved to Hong Kong. Looking forward to this new adventure, I love big cities and exploring them!

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