A photo gallery on the rice terraces in Tegallalang

Tegallalang Rice Terraces

The rice fields in Tegallalang is a unique place in the world and one of the famous tourism spots around Ubud. Northeast of Ubud town, the land starts to become more undulating, and this is a good place to view Bali’s classic rice terraces. The village of Tegallalang is very much a tourist trap, but it is worth braving the hordes of trinket peddlers to view the stunning terraces there.

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  • […] Tegalalang is the most recognizable rice field and to the immediate west and northwest of Ubud are the villages of Penestanan and Campuhan. The area around Ubud a great place to visit when looking for those authentic photos of Bali rice terrace fields to take back to your family and friends. […]

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