Razza Pizza in Jersey New York: One of the best!

Razza Pizza in New York City

Razza’s (which means pure bread) ultimate goal is to serve the best pizza possible; to elevate it; this means constantly searching for better ingredients while honing techniques with each and every pizza they make.

The flour they use is milled in Clifton, they make our own bread, their own butter, each ingredient is hand-picked, down to the salt that goes on the pizza. They have grown their own yeast culture that they believe makes a better pizza.

Even now, I can remember spreading the soft, salted butter over the oven-warmed bread. An act of salivation! Every bite is pillowy, the butter uniquely grassy, tangy. The crust alive and darkly caramel. The slippery coat on your lips, triggers a need for more bread, more butter. You marvel that something so simple, so overlooked, could be so satisfying.

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Razzanj Menu


275 Grove St
Jersey City, NJ 07302

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