Romantic weekend in Copenhagen


A romantic weekend in Copenhagen is a fantastic idea, even if it not the first that comes in mind.

We have created a great bucket full of spots that meet the most important criteria – a nice place to spend time with your significant other, romantic places to go and feel the love, and some fine hotels for cuddling.

Here is a list of not-so-ordinary things to do as a couple during your romantic weekend in Copenhagen:

  • Go to the library -Your girlfriend loves reading and is a hopeless romantic? Then The Royal Library is your place to go for some quiet time. You can take a book, sit in a reading room and enjoy each other’s company. Why is it romantic? They say that if you can spend time with someone and enjoy the silence, you have found the One. Show your lady that you enjoy her company.
  • The Little Mermaid – The statue is a symbol of Copenhagen and is one of the mandatory things to do when in the city. For a more romantic atmosphere, make sure to go 20 minutes before sunset. It might be a bit cold in the winter, but the sunset and the story will warm your partner’s heart.
  • Say Hi to Cupid – The famous sculpture by Thorvaldsen of the 3 Graces and Cupid from 1821 – also called the three goddesses of joy – charm and beauty, is displayed at Thorvaldsens Museum. A romantic weekend in Copenhagen cannot be complete without the little god of love.
  • Window shopping – The term “scandinavian design” is a mark for quality and excellence. You can take a walk around various home decor shops and enjoy picking up things you both like. Why is it romantic? Even if you already live together, chances are you don’t know perfectly each others taste for decoration. A window shopping tour will be a fun for both of you to discover what does the other one like or dislike.
  • Boat tour – Those are not gondolas but can still be romantic. If you want to enjoy the trip fully, take a Jazz Boat tour or a Dinner tour. Music, food and wine will deliver the right atmosphere.


Those are our top 4 extraordinary suggestions for a romantic date in Copenhagen. For great restaurants, bars, cafés and hotels, check out the Romantic weekend in Copenhagen bucket on City is Yours. Our one of a kind Flipboard magazine is also ready for you to download – romance in Copenhagen has never been easier to plan.

Diana is an avid traveler with two main interest - food and culture. She loves strong coffee and nice wine, food markets and getting lost in the back streets of a city searching for that perfect chocolate cake.

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