Blog guidelines


Great you would like to write for our travel community! Just to make sure that the blog will stay neat and appealing and to be clear what to expect from each other we developed some blogging guidelines.


The perfect City is Yours post…

  • Is personal and innovative. We love to read your experiences! Interviewing other experts is of course allowed. Just remind yourself: Your experience is different from a text found on Wikipedia or Tripadvisor
  • Is written in perfect English
  • Contains photos and videos are of good quality
  • Fits the City is Yours concept
  • The content is personal en innovative
  • The posts fits in one of our Blog categories, please scroll down for more information.


Blog categories

Quick reads

  • +/- 3 photos
  • +/- 350 words


Long reads

  • +/- 1 photo
  • +/- 1000 words
  • Focus is on the text!


Photo journal

  • Tell your story in photos (8-12)
  • Please write a short explanation about the topic and photos


Video journal

  • Your story in a video (30 sec – 4 minutes)
  • Please give a title to and short explanation about the video
  • If spoken language, in English.


Just a few things…

you should keep in mind whilst writing your blog for optimal exposure and appreciation:


Title. The title of the article is very important; an appealing title attracts visitors and invites them to read (or not) the article and it influences search engines like Google. Make sure the most important keywords are mentioned in the title!

Introduction. The first alinea of the post is very important. Mention the most important keywords here.

The content. Try to make your post attractive for your targeted audience. Short sentences, variety of words, links, photos and videos, they will all add value to your post.

Lists. Lists make it easy for your visitors to screen the post and to decide what’s of interest for them. Make sure you use headings to make these clear for your readers and search engines.

The end. Everything comes to an end, so does your story. A conclusion might work, and so does asking a question, to interact with your audience.

Interaction. A very important aspect of the blog is interaction. Interaction can be established by asking a question of just offering the ability to respond to your blog with relevant tips or feedback.

Images. These days most people are not that attracted anymore to just text. Use photos in the beginning of the blog. Don’t forget to give them a good title so search engines will recognize them which will lead to more exposure.


Using WordPress

  • Head line: Write enticing headlines. Read more about how to write enticing headlines here.
  • Only make use of the layout (header 3 and Paragraph)
  • Tags: add 3-6 keywords (words, not sentences) to the article



  • 1 featured image (min. 1200px wide)
  • Write a clear title for each image – this is good for Google Search Images
  • Do only link an image to another blogpost or bucket and not to the source of the image itself
  • Outline: None



  • Fill in focus keywords
  • Write a great SEO title (max. 70 characters)
  • Write a meta description (max. 156 characters)
  • Permalink: important for SEO – think about which keywords people search or use Google’s keyword planner


We are looking forward to your posts!