A trip to Balangan beach, Bingin and Uluwatu

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Balangan Beach

Balangan beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Bukit, which means “hill” in Indonesian, and located in the South of Bali. The area is well known by surfers from all over the world with some of the best waves on this small, stunning stretch of coastline.

Enjoy the crystal clear waters and the powder white sand beach

For a refreshing swim inside the lagoon, or just a day chilling out on the beach, at one of the many small local restaurants or go to El Kabron, an upscale Spanish restaurant with one of the best sunsets.


On its west coast, white limestone cliffs contrast dramatically against the brilliant blue of the Indian Ocean lapping along its pristine coastline.

The views from this region are simply breathtaking.

Thanks to a handful of small boutique resorts, private villas and guesthouse bungalows, this area has evolved beyond being simply a surfer’s paradise to become one of those rare enchanting places where people from all walks of life can find their own ideal holiday getaway.


Uluwatu is a famous tourist destination in Bali and visited by tourists especially in the afternoon to see the spectacular sunset with the backdrop of the famous Pura Luhur Temple.  Uluwatu Temple is the oldest temple in Bali that is blessed by the breathtaking view to the Indian Ocean. Uluwatu Beach is located deep under the cliff bank featured by the great and fast waves that make it as one of the best surf points in the island of paradise. The waves are great, fast, powerful and barrel that force every surfer to use their top skill to enjoy the surf adventures here.

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