Welcome to Chef Susur Lee’s food paradise in Toronto: restaurant Lee, best food in town!

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Unsuspectingly, during our first dinner at restaurant Lee we ordered the “Singaporean Style Slaw” (some kind of salad). The waiter told us (and yes, he looked proud) that this SLAW contained 19 (nineteen!) ingredients. It was the best salad I’ve ever had. BTW, you can choose if you’d like to add sashimi of salmon or tuna. Of course we’ve tried more food and cocktails; almost everything in famous chef Susur Lee’s place is quite tasteful.


How it all began

Internationally known chef Susur Lee learned to cook as a 16-year old kid in Hong Kong. He mixes Asian traditions with French twists and after several other successes he opened restaurant Lee in 2004. Lucky Torontonians!


The menu

Best way to start a dinner night at Lee is at the bar with a cocktail. In the summer you should try their homemade Sangria, but their Basil Gin Mojito is also highly recommended. Ok, the restaurant looks fine, the cocktails taste nice, but the main reason to come to Lee is definitely the food! The Caramelized Black Cod positively surprised me; like many dishes it’s been served with an Asian twist.  The Top Chef Green Curry Chicken deserves his name by being a Top Chef Award Winning Dish, and I don’t disagree! My favorite dessert (in my opinion, one cannot leave a restaurant without enjoying a dessert) is the Mango & Passion Fruit Panna Cotta, flavored with fresh coconut. DELICIOUS!

Oh and if you go please don’t overlook the place, the sign only says ‘restaurant’ and this food paradise you wouldn’t want to miss!

Got curious?

For more info or reservations

601 King St W, Toronto, Canada

+1 416-504-7867



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Lee Toronto slaw

Lee Toronto cod

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Lara van Gemert

After two years of living in Toronto, just recently moved to Hong Kong. Looking forward to this new adventure, I love big cities and exploring them!

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