Because the world is too big to discover on my own

My name is Janneke, I’m a Dutch girl based in Amsterdam and happiest whilst exploring the world, meeting and connecting people and writing down thoughts, stories and experiences.

So… that’s what I do. Part of my time as the community builder and editor of City is Yours: An online platform where spots worldwide are collected and waiting to be shared.

It’s a big world

As I said, I’m based in Amsterdam which is a pretty cool city (don’t you think?); enough appealing places to explore, enough great people to meet. Perhaps even too many. I can’t visit all the spots, attend all the activities, taste all the dishes and check out all the fashion and art collections on my own. Well.. I’d need a lifetime and since I don’t want to wait that long I’m a huge fan of sharing; sharing places, photos, stories and experiences.

If I’d need a lifetime to discover Amsterdam, a city with two million inhabitants, I would probably need about hundred lives to discover the world. A world with a total population of seven billion. A world that has over fifty million square miles of land. A world with a huge number of countries and cities worth visiting and cultures worth absorbing.

Okay… You probably get it: There is no way one person is gonna enjoy all this beauty without the help of others. So, let’s help each other! Let’s build a community where we collect and share knowledge.

Because you are never sure if you’re gonna live the other ninety-nine lives…


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Explore. Or get lost.

janneke diving philippines

I’m based in Amsterdam and a huge fan of places, photos, stories and experiences.

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